central university of himachal pradesh, hpcu, cuhp, dharamshala, dehra, Vice Chancellor Prof. Furqan Qamar
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central university of himachal pradesh, hpcu, cuhp, dharamshala, dehra, Vice Chancellor Prof. Furqan Qamar
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central university of himachal pradesh, hpcu, cuhp, dharamshala, dehra, Vice Chancellor Prof. Furqan Qamar
central university of himachal pradesh, hpcu, cuhp, dharamshala, dehra, Vice Chancellor Prof. Furqan Qamar
central university of himachal pradesh, hpcu, cuhp, dharamshala, dehra, Vice Chancellor Prof. Furqan Qamar
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central university of himachal pradesh, hpcu, cuhp, dharamshala, dehra, Officer on Special Duty Prof. Yoginder S. Verma

Prof. A.K. Mahajan Ex-Dean,
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Dean, School of Life Sciences
Director,Centre for Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Chairman, equal opportunity cell
Chairman University placement cell Provost, CUHP

Dr Ambrish Kumar Mahajan started his professional journey from Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun as research Scientist. He obtained his basic degrees from Govt. College Dharamshala and profession degree from Jammu University. He worked on different aspect while in Wadia Institute and first assignments were 1986 Dharamshala earthquake investigations followed by investigations of 1991 Uttarkashi earthquake, 1993 Latur Earthquake, 1999 Chamoli earthquake, 2001 Bhuj Earthquake, 2005 Kashmir earthquake and establishment of seismic network in Himachal. He has completed his Ph.D degree from Panjab University, Chandigarh and enjoys the distinction of having Diploma in Disaster Management from Ganeva University, Switzerland. This has provided him an opportunity to apply his expertise in the field of disaster management. He has been credited to work in ISDR (International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, a UNO Project), sponsored project, commonly named as RADIUS Project (Risk Assessment Tools for Diagnosis of Urban seismic Risk) to computed the seismic risk of Dehra Dun city. He has also been accredited as Incident Manager for disaster risk reduction by LalBahadurShastri Academy, Mussoorie. He has applied his knowledge to study the seismic hazard potential of Northwest Himalaya and published seismic hazard map. He has developed a methodology for seismic microzonation using Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW). He is the first to use MASW technique extensively for the benefit of the society and now he is regarded as one of the expert in India on MASW methodology. He has been adjudged for award for his contribution to society in 2007 and best paper award in 2009 by Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun. He has developed different methodologies for deriving shear wave velocity with depth and increased the penetration depth during the last 5 yrs. Since shear wave velocity as a key parameter for determining the dynamic properties of soil, his contribution in this field will be very useful for seismic hazard assessment of underground structure and engineering foundation design. Inspired by the Yokohama Strategy and Plan of Action for a Safer World, Dr Mahajan has significant contribution in the field of disaster preparedness and mitigation by contributing in disaster preparedness and awareness. He has initiated number of international and national project Indo-Norwegian collaboration on site response study, WIHG ITC the Netherlands on seismic microzonation, Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment of Northwest Himalaya from DST and HIMSELP (Himalayan school earthquake Laboratory programme) from DST for understanding the earthquake hazard and its awareness among the general masses.Most of his work has been published in referred journal and has presented his work in more than sixty seminars in India and abroad since 2001. He is presently credited with more than 40 research publication in international and national peer reviewed journals. Dr Mahajan has been visiting scientist to ITC Netherlands. He has travelled widely abroad for sharing his research finding with international players during international conferences. Some of the places/countries visited by him are GeoForschungZentrum, Potsdam, Germany, Tangshan, China, Beijing, China, Switzerland, France, Italy, Mexico, Nepal, Skopje, Macedonia, ITC, Enschede, The Netherlands, Kathmandu, Nepal, NORSAR, Norway. The development of methodology on site amplification allowed him to train scientist and researchers in this fieldduring special organized training programs. He has delivered more than 30 invited talks in his field to different M.Tech students and Managers/army/paramilitary personals.

His contribution to Landslide hazard zonation studies of Dharamshala town and their mitigation measures has allowed the state authorities to brought sewerage system in the town, helped in raising forest cover and land use planning. He has generated awareness among school children by proposing an innovative project named “HIMSELP” among school children, teachers and masses in general by providing training to teachers and exposure of students to earthquake preparedness and disaster through games (RISKLAND), lectures and exhibitions. He has developed webpage on earthquake awareness independently which shows very high usage summary. Prof. Mahajan also contributed to foundation test using seismic methods, advisory to Border road organization by using ground penetration Radar for identification of faults/shear planes for safer excavation of the tunnel, subsurface investigations of tunnels/environmental impact due to excavation of tunnels specially in terms of strong motion and landslide hazard mitigations as an consultant to different governmental and non-governmental organisations.