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Mathematics is all pervasive often considered as the mother of science. Computers and Communication technologies are now integral part of our work processes and are enormously and rapidly changing our work life. Knowledge is considered as the most strategic resource to survive, thrive and have competitive advantage over others. The school of mathematics, computers and information science through its high standards of education, quality research, interdisciplinary understanding and constant value addition will produce world class graduates and researchers in areas that have profound influence on society and world of scholarship.

  • To progressively provide state of the art education and equip graduates with skills and competencies that are in demand all over the world.
  • To prepare researchers and pursue high quality need based research that may help to further extend the frontiers of knowledge and meet contemporary societal requirements.

Department of Library and Information Science
To develop world class education, training and research facilities and courses of study that are globally recognized, benchmark for the profession and highly valued at various work places.

  • To provide a flexible system of education that is learner-centered, technology enabled and matches diverse skills and competencies required for the emerging knowledge society.
  • To prepare researchers and pursue research, keeping in view the contemporary challenges and changing methods of information handling.
  • To develop a state of the art centre for continuing education for Library and Information Professionals offering facilities, tools and technologies for short training courses and workshops.
  • To develop, progressively update and improve courses that meet the demands of work places.
  • Impart education in a way that promotes creativity, encourage interaction and motivate learners for learning.
  • To prepare graduates for diverse work opportunities in both print and electronic information environment.
  • To promote entrepreneurship and impart skills and competencies that help graduates to stand on their own feet.
  • To help students to learn from cognate areas that help enrich their knowledge and enhance their skills.
  • To develop in learners an understanding of diversity of information needs and an orientation for service to all including the under-served communities requiring knowledge based services.
  • To educate learners to have in-depth understanding of information collection, organization, storage, dissemination, packaging and repackaging, according to standard international practices.
  • To educate learns to understand professional ethics, philosophies, policies, principles and laws related to Library & Information services.
  • To encourage creation of new knowledge and nurturing of best practices to increase the knowledge base of the profession.