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Program of Study

Presently the school offers two programmes of study at post-graduation level.

M.A. in New Media Communication

M.A. in Journalism and Creative Writing

Both the programmes intend to create professionals and thinkers who can critically engage with the various dimensions of journalism and communication studies.

The currently offered programmes focus on the following thematic areas which are representative of primary disciplinary approaches within the field of communications and journalism studies.

Media, Culture and Society
The courses offered in this area, primarily emphasize the study of social and cultural theories which examine the relationship between media, culture and society. The students proficient in these areas will have an opportunity to work in the communication and cultural industries and to develop alternatives in non-profit and public media education and production.

Media Governance, Media Economics, Media Anthropology and Political and International Communication

The focus of courses offered in this area is on the critical role of the state, civil society and private corporations in the development of communications systems, the production and distribution of information for transparent governance. Understanding the business of communication and the relationships between the economic and political dimensions of communication and journalism industry is necessary to identify and participate in the expanding media industry.

Critical Technology and Production Studies
Courses in this area examine the relationships between different communication formats and the emerging technologies. The focus of this area is to expose students to different media

production techniques that will allow them to work in the field of high definition broadcasting and digital media. The emphasis here is on exploring the ways in which technology and media industries are co-related.