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Dean’s Message

central university of himachal pradesh, hpcu, cuhp, dharamshala, dehra, Officer on Special Duty Prof. Yoginder S. Verma

I welcome you to the CUHP School of Physical & Material Sciences (SoPMS). As the Dean, I joined a supportive, warm and energetic community of teachers and students with a deep sense of commitment to teaching, learning and innovations. More than ever, we are committed to produce teachers, scholars, and community leaders with full of knowledge and dedication to address the challenges faced by our country and humanity as a whole. I joined CUHP in 2012 with my own commitments towards teaching and research with zeal of societal transformation, which is also woven into the fabric of our courses, research activities, and projects in the university and the communities.

The Physics Department under the school is enjoying the status of the biggest and vibrant department of the CUHP, as we are successfully running three programmes: BSc, MSc and Research Degree. In addition to regular faculties, we have two UGC-FRP teachers and a number of guest faculty members contributing to the smooth functioning of the Department. In the School we have also a newly established Department of Chemistry and Chemical Sciences started from the session 2017-18. Working together in harmony is the central idea of the SoPMS. As faculty and staff, we work closely in partnership to fulfill the vision and mission of the School. Our non-teaching staff works in collaboration with faculty and students to accomplish our common goals and routine work.

As researchers, we work collaboratively with our partners at national and international levels to link critical research questions to community-based issues, innovative ideas, drawing on diverse methodologies and disciplines, and seeking knowledge from various corners. As teacher educators, we have introduced an approach to learning based on the notion of mentor teachers working in close partnership with students to prepare them to enter into the profession of teaching and research. As public scholars, we have introduced Community Connect Projects in the curriculum that provides the students opportunities for civic engagement around problems, like awareness of scientific temperament, saving of energy and environment.

All our faculty members are young, active and accomplished ones, who are nationally and internationally recognized for their contributions to research and teaching. They care deeply about teaching and mentoring our students, providing powerful educational experiences for their bright future. Our School is a community of diverse talents with specialization ranging from green environment, CVD diamond making, nanotechnology, material science, and computation to particle astrophysics and cosmology, which engage our students and alumni who seek to change the world through teaching, research, and innovations.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about the profiles of our faculty members, our merits and specialties, and get a glimpse of the exciting activities to gain a sense of how one would thrive through our various programs.

Doing science requires dedication, passion, hard work, knowledge updating and innovative approach, all of which you will find here at SoPMS.

Dr. B.C. Chauhan