Internship / Fellowship Schemes

Internship / Fellowship Schemes

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iCED, Jaipur Internship Scheme Duration : Duration of Internship would be 2 months, which may be extended up to 6 months

Support No. of Interns: Maximum two interns from one Institution / University would be selected for internship.

Eligibility: Indian nationals who are Graduate or are pursuing Post Graduate / Doctoral courses m Environmental Science, Environmental Economics, Environmental Law, Environment Management, Disaster Management, Public Administration, Public Policy, Sustainable Development, Information Technology, Data Analytics, Architecture, Human Resource Management studies in their curriculum in Universities / Institutions of National and International repute are eligible to apply. Those awarded "Junior Research Fellowship" by University Grants Commission (UGC) for research in these subjects would be preferred. In case there are more applications than required by iCED, screening of prospective interns would be done by applying appropriate methodology.

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Application Requirement :
  • The interns shall prepare the outline of the expected outcome of the project plan in pursuit, by discussing the same, with the Director General, iCED or the person authorised by him/her. The interns, shall then submit to the Research Section the execution part of the project plan, along with the time lines. The first month stipend shall be released subject to this submission.
  • After completion, the intern shall submit the project both in a hard copy and a soft copy to Director (T&R). The same will be discussed in detail among the Research Section, in consultation with the interns.
  • The interns shall be attached to Sr.AO (Research) who shall ensure timely initiation of the work plan and final submission of the project report.
  • The interns would be mentored nnd monitored by the Director General and Director (T&R), iCED, Jaipur.
  • Term of engagement may be altered at any time prior to ordering the engagement by Director General, iCED.
Last Date: 20th January, 2023

Selection List : All the applications will be scrutinized primarily by a Screening Committee nominated by DG, iCED. Final selection decision would be taken by the Committee of Senior Officers where in DG, iCED would be one of the members.

Fellowship / Internship Start Date : February 2023
About How to apply Timeline
PM MENTORSHIP SCHEME FOR YOUNG AUTHORS (YUVA) 2.0 Duration : There is a provision for payment of a Scholarship of Rs. 50,000 per month for a period of six months to be paid to each of the selected 75 authors

Support : National Book Trust, India will be publishing the books produced by the young authors as part of the Mentorship Scheme.

Eligibility : Contestants should not have any personal, professional, or academic obligations that interfere with the mentorship schedule during the PM-YUVA 2.0.

The maximum age of the contestant should be exactly 30 years or below as on 2nd October 2022.

The genre of the entry of PM-YUVA 2.0 scheme should be Non-Fiction only.

Proposal :This proposal of mentorship of young authors is in tune with PM’s vision of Global Citizen that needs to be launched to train young and budding authors up to the age of 30 years in order to promote reading, writing and book culture in the country, and project India and Indian writings globally.

To comprehensively understand the concept of evolution of democracy and its trajectory in India it needs to be studied under various subheadings like constitution, women, youth, religion, history, human rights, education, nationalism, culture etc. which would be the primary aim of the PM-YUVA 2.0 mentorship Scheme.

The Theme is specific to Democracy in the Indian context only so as to give a fillip to research and documentation about various aspects of the Indian democratic system.
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Link to the Contest and other details for ready reference:

Application Requirement :
The contestants will be asked to submit a Book proposal of 10,000 words. Therefore, division as per the following :

Synopsis: 2000-3000 words

Chapter Plan: Yes

Two-three sample chapters: 7000-8000 words

Bibliography and References: Yes
Contest Period : 2nd October - 15th January 2023

Selection List :
The Evaluation Period of the Proposals will be from 16th January 2023 - 31st March 2023

The Meeting of the National Jury will be held in April 2023

The names of selected authors will be announced in May 2023

The Mentorship duration would be from 1st June 2023 - 30th November 2023

The publication of the first set of books will commence from 1st February 2024

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