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The Journal of Himalayan Life Sciences (JHLS) is the leading forum for perspectives that give insight into biological processes. The aim of the Journal of Himalayan Life Sciences is to become the primary source of high quality research from all over the world and to disseminate scientific knowledge and principle. JHLS focuses on specific research discipline, contributing resourceful and impactful platform where research joins together with technology. It scope is global and covers a very wide range of topics which is of interest to biologists in many areas of research.

    Focus and Scope

    Agricultural Science, Animal Sciences, Basic and applied Life sciences, Biodiversity, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Brain and Neuroscience, Cancer Growth and Treatment, Cell and Developmental Biology, Ecology and Evolution, Entomology, Environmental Sciences, Food science and Technology, Immunology, Infectious and non-infectious Diseases, Mathematical, Computational, Biophysical and Statistical Modeling, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Nanotechnology, Networks and Complex Systems, Biochemistry and Physiology Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Plant Sciences, Proteomics, Genomics, Structural Biology, Toxicology.

    The journal welcomes all types of research work including: Original research papers, Survey Papers, Review papers as well as Short communications and mini reviews. The submission of critical review articles on topics of wide interest is strongly encouraged. The journal does not accept unsolicited review papers. Comments on issues or on papers published in the JHLS are welcomed in the form of Letters to the Editors.

    All contributions to the journal are rigorously reviewed by the national and international members of the Editorial Board of the journal and are selected on the basis of quality and originality of the work. Manuscripts should present novel findings and concepts in all areas pertaining to its scope and research, thus ensuring its scientific priority and significance.

    Whatever the topic of the paper, please note that the biological significance of the problem being studied should be clearly stated. In addition, Highlights are required for each article and they should feature the biological applications as well as any advancement. Studies that fail to do so may be rejected without review.

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Morphometric studies of fish and its relationship with Length- weight

Bhavna, Kushal Thakur and Rakesh Kumar*

Assessment of microbial water quality of river Beas and its tributaries: Present scenario and future perspectives

Geetika Saini, Disha Chauhan and Ranjit Kumar*

A review on chromosome study on Aphid species

*Kanika Choudhary, Sunil Kumar, Kumari Ruchika and Dixit Sharma

Functional foods from plants: a new perspective for healthy life

Kirti Raina and Ashun Chaudhary*

Valeriana jatamansi: Its Traditional Uses, Phytochemistry and Pharmacology

Leena Thakur*, Pardeep Kumar, Purnima Sharma, Neha Guleri, Pushpa Guleria, Maneesha Devi

A review on the ethno-botanical, phytochemistry and pharmacological activities of Arnebiaeuchroma (Royle) Johnston: A critically endangered medicinal herb

Maneesha Devi*, Pardeep Kumar, Pushpa Guleria, Neha Guleri, Shilpa, Leena Thakur and Purnima Sharma

A review on phytochemical profile, traditional uses, and therapeutic activities of Bauhinia variegata

Neha Guleri*, Pardeep Kumar, Shilpa, Pushpa Guleria, Maneesha Devi, Leena Thakur and Purnima Sharma

Multimodal ORMOSIL nanoparticles for biomedical application: A Review

Purnima Justa1, Hemant Kumar2,3,4, Balaram Pani4and Pramod Kumar1*

Genomics in drought stress tolerance for crop improvement

Purnima Sharma*, Pardeep Kumar, Leena Thakur, Maneesha Devi, Pushpa Guleria and Neha Guleri

A review on ethnomedicinal properties and biological activities of Zanthoxylum armatum

Pushpa Guleria*, Pardeep Kumar, Maneesha Devi, Neha Guleri, Shilpa, Leena Thakur and Purnima Sharma

Production of Plant Derived Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: A Comprehensive Review

Shilpa, Munish Sharma*, Neha Guleri, Pushpa Guleria and Maneesha Devi

Nipah: the virus with pandemic potential

Varuni Bhardwaj and Mahesh Kulharia*

Biology of oyster mushroom fly, Bradysia asiatica and its management using sticky traps and repellent effect of eucalyptus extracts

Devika Sharma1, Aarushi Sharma1, Ranjit Kumar2, V.K. Rana1, Rohit Sharma1 and SunilKumar2*

Optimization of iron and calcium rich formulation using response surface method

Himadri* and Pardeep Kumar

Improved bacoside biosynthesis in micropropagated Bacopa monnieri grown in liquid medium with different support systems

Munish Sharma1*, Shilpa1, Ashok Ahuja2 and Sharada Mallubhotla3

Effect of plant conformations and training techniques on Sweet pepper growth and yield under polyhouse conditions

Pardeep Kumar*, Jasbir Singh**, and Parveen Sharma**

Network-based prediction of drug biomarker targets in lung cancer and brain cancer

Priyanka, Ashish Panghalia, Sweta Devi and Vikram Singh*

Phytoremedial effect of ginger on liver function test of diabetic mice

Ranjit Kumar*, Rakesh Kumar, Amit Kumar Sharma and Sunil Kumar

Ameliorative effect of Sulphosalicylic acid and Mannitol in rice varities (Swift Gold and BH-21) under salinity stress

Reeya Pathania and Vadakkemuriyilv Divya Nair*

First report of a persistent pest in Kangra tea, Pulvinaria floccifera (Westwood, 1870) and its phenology

Ruchi Sharma1*, Gireesh Nadda2 and Sunil Kumar1

Functional classification of hypothetical proteins from the proteome of Chlamydia pneumoniae to characterize potential drug targets

Sapna, Himisha Dixit, Virender Kumar and Shilpa Chauhan*

Habitat Types and its impact on Macrobenthos Assemblies Structure in Gharana Wetland

Sunil Kumar1, Rakesh Kumar1, Ranjit Kumar2, Arvind.Kr. Sharma2and Amit. Kr.Sharma1*

Economic analysis of bitter gourd genotypes for open and protected condition

Vandana Thakur1*, Savita3, Sushil Kumar3 and Parveen Sharma1