Himalayan Life Science Society

About Us

Himalayan Life Science Society (HLSS) is a Registered Society under Himachal Pradesh Societies Registration Act 2006 (Act No.25 of 2006) with Registration number HPCD-3691 dated 19-02-2021 and approved by School Board, School of Life Sciences and Academic Council as well as Executive Council of Central University of Himachal Pradesh. The Society is constituted to provide an academic platform to students, researchers, teachers and non-teaching staff of the School of Life Sciences and other stakeholders. The main objectives of the society are:

(i) To organize seminars, symposiums, invited lectures, webinars, trainings and cultural and sports activities for all round development of the members

(ii) To organize events that promote scientific temper and to celebrate the Indian traditional wisdom in the Life Sciences research

(iii) To make available information to the members regarding various scholarships/fellowships/employment avenues in the field of Life Sciences

(iv) To promote the fellow-feeling among society members and to safeguard their academic as well as professional interests.


To acknowledge, stimulate, recompense the students, teachers, researchers and other academicians/stakeholders who have motive to serve the country through their dedicated efforts to bring up new innovations in the field of Life Sciences.


To develop all round personality of the students, academic and non-teaching staff by making them not only excellent leaders in various aspects of life but also good human beings with best understanding and appraise for human values, regard in their legacy, customs, domain, society and nation. To inculcate the understanding of righteousness and yearning for perfection and excellence in their personal and professional life.