National Service Scheme Programme

National Service Scheme Programme

Dr. Ashish Nag

Program Coordinator
National Service Scheme, CUHP

NSS is a voluntary association and body comprised of young students and Volunteers in colleges. The broad ambition of NSS is to provide the much needed services to society without any Profit or bias. It objective is to inculcate to concepts of social welfare and to induce the skills of Professional Social Work among students. The Major emphasis of NSS as an association is to make out constructive use of community Resources and thereby making the members of the community responsible and empowered.

The volunteers offering their services in NSS strives towards working for the cause for providing help in condition of emergencies such as natural and man-made disasters. The Intervention includes the set of activities like supplying of basic necessities and amenities like food and clothing to the disaster victims, Organizing blood donation camps, Taking activities of Environmental Conservation for Saving Mother Earth, Tree Plantation Drives for the sake of Protection of Environment, road safety awareness campaigns to Sensitize the audience for Prevention of road accidents, Initiating One Act Plays and street plays.

NSS Special Camps are also organized, with an ambition to sensitize the volunteers contributing for the cause of NSS with inculcating the topics ranging from Tackling and Managing of resources, inducing a much needed sense of Social Responsibility among community members and volunteers, Field Based learning.

With the Targeted Interventions and experiences from NSS, I am sure and Hopeful that all volunteers will learns and empower themselves and thereby make their Positive and Progressive contributions for the growth of our country.

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