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Dr. Nirupama Singh

School of Performing & Visual Arts

Our Central University of Himachal Pradesh offers an outstanding opportunity for the aspirants for successful art careers, responsible citizenship and life-long pursuit of creativity and inquiry. Actually.

The artistic skills that students learn in their chosen disciplines are transferrable to numerous other career paths outside of the arts, as well. Students will learn to think creatively and with originality. We teach our students to truly invent their own careers and artistic lives with strong mentorship from our outstanding faculty.

The integration of research and practice in one’s discipline,the ability to navigate within board and interdisciplinary frameworks, the mastery of creative and communication skills and encouragement of deep curiosity about life mark the distinguishing characteristics of the vital and progressive CUHP,Visual Arts education. We prepare the next generation of creative experts in the Visual Arts and spread the value of the arts as essential for learning and living in a global world.

Our faculties are the backbone of our school and respected leaders in the worldwide art communities.  We are proud that our reputation for artistic excellence is balanced with dedicated faculty mentors who nurture student potential, curiosity, creative scholarship, and support holistic wellness and student success. With smaller class sizes and hands-on entrepreneurial opportunities, our graduates are prepared for careers, additional training, and real-world experiences beyond the fundamentals of the classroom.

Our students are hardworking and endlessly creative. Each and every day, Visual Arts students draft work and canvases, sculptures with their extraordinary creations and innovations. They develop practical and technical skills necessary to demonstrate a broad understanding of the making of art. The graduates will have the knowledge to explore medium, techniques and progression of their creations and innovations in art world. Acquire analytical skills to construct, design and develop a critical understanding of social, Political, economical and cultural scenarios, to explore conceptual based ideas and skills through visual illustration effectively in order to connect between the local, regional and global.They are dreamers who see potential and possibility everywhere. They are builders who collaborate with faculty, staff, and student peers to realize their dreams.

Our alumni’s are widespread in the country, have achieved great success many as an experts in their specialized field,professional artists, entrepreneurs,researchers and many of in education sectors.They regularly are profiled by internationally circulating newspapers and honored at major awards ceremonies for their leadership and contributions to the arts. I wish all the very best in your future accomplishments.