Red Ribbon Club

Red Ribbon Club

Dr. Shashi Punam

Nodal Officer - Red Ribbon Club
Associate Professor & HOD - Social Work, CUHP

The Red Ribbon Club of the Central University of Himachal Pradesh actively promotes HIV/AIDS awareness and drug prevention. Through education, community outreach, and engaging activities, the club fosters a supportive environment to combat stigma and foster healthy lifestyles.

Red Ribbon Club

Red Ribbon Club is a movement started by the Government of India in Educational Institutions through which, students will spread awareness about HIV and AIDS.

  • Red like Love, as a symbol of passion and tolerance for those affected.
  • Red like Blood, representing the pain caused by many people who have of AIDS.
  • Red like the anger about the helplessness about which we are facing for a disease for which there is still no cure.
  • Red is a sign of warning not to carelessly ignore one of the biggest problems of our time.

Red Ribbon Symbol

The red ribbon is a symbol for both drug prevention and for the fight against AIDS. The Red Ribbon foundation is an organization founded in 1993 whose main purpose is the education about prevention of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV.


  • To create awareness and to induce the spirit among youth to help and support people living with HIV/AIDS thereby reducing stigma and discrimination against PLHWAs.
  • Sensitize the youth regarding care and support needs of PLWHA and instill in them the spirit of helping and supporting the people living with HIV & AIDS (PLWHA) and reduce the stigma and discrimination against them.
  • To motivate youth and build their capacity as peer educators and change agents by developing their skills on leadership, negotiation, and team building.
  • To promote voluntary blood donation among youth.
  • Organize and facilitate voluntary blood donation camps and mobilize the youth for voluntary blood donation.

Red Ribbon Club of Central University of Himachal Pradesh

The Red Ribbon Club in Central University of Himachal Pradesh conducting various programmes such as Lecture, power point presentations, poster making and slogan writing competitions to make students awareness about HIV and AIDS. Every year the University observes World AIDS Day on 1 st  December, to enlighten the students about the preventive measures and protection against the spread of HIV and AIDS.

As youth is the coming future of India. So, Red Ribbon Club of Central University of Himachal Pradesh indulge the youth in the activities which lead to make them aware of causes and prevention of AIDS. Thus, Objectives of Red Ribbon Club of Central University of Himachal Pradesh are:

  • To Foster a community planning process that encourages inclusion and parity among community planning members.
  • To provide a platform for strengthening the responses to HIV among the diverse populations.
  • To increase global awareness of the continuing impact of HIV and AIDS.
  • To promote effective action through leadership and shared responsibility at all levels of government and society.
  • To promote accountability among all stakeholders engaged at various levels of the response to HIV and AIDS.
  • Create among the youth a cadre of peer educators for seeking and encouraging positive health behavior as well as ensuring sustainability of the club.

Activities Organized by Red Ribbon Club in Collaboration of Different Agencies

  • One Day Seminar on HIV/AIDS
  • Awareness Program: HIV/AIDS Awareness & Gender Equity at Snot Village
  • Self Defense Training by Red Ribbon Club
  • Cleanliness Drive at Kuru Talai Park by Hostel Residents
  • Awareness on Sanitation and Hygiene at PEHAL Programme (Prayas Ek Har Anokhe Lakshy Ki)
  • Awareness program on T.B. Eradication
  • Community Engagement on Awareness regarding Panchayati Raj Act
  • Swachatta Awareness by Play way Methods at PEHAL program
  • Swachatta Awareness & Cleaningness drive at Adopted Park ( Kuru Talai)
  • Balidaani Diwas of Pankaj Badiyal Ji
  • Slogan Writing & Poster making
  • Awareness Generation in Prisons
  • Meetings on Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan
  • Panel Discussions on NMBA
  • Awareness about Drug Helpline
  • Workshop on Drug Abuse and Prevention
  • Plantation of 75 saplings to mark the 75 years of Independence)
  • Traffic Awareness Day Celebration
  • Blood Donation Camp
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Photo Gallery

The Red Ribbon Club's photo gallery showcases a vibrant collection of images capturing the organization's diverse activities. From HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, drug prevention workshops, and blood donation drives to educational seminars, community engagement events, and volunteer training sessions, the gallery provides a visual insight into the club's tireless dedication to making a difference. The photographs not only highlight the positive impact of the Red Ribbon Club's initiatives but also celebrate the passion and commitment of its members and volunteers.

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