Institution Innovation Council

Institution Innovation Council


To encourage innovation in research and learning processes and develop products and processes for the benefit of society and environment.


  • To help the members gain expertise in creating innovative products and patents
  • To generate resources that help in improving the innovation environment.
  • To share expertise and experiences among each other to be able to spread the innovation culture.
  • To promote spirit of innovation among learners and in the long run create products that help in enhancing further innovation.
  • To extend the innovation culture to schools and colleges in the society.


To achieve the objectives; the Centre organizes a variety of activities on a regular basis and the focal activities of the Centre are:

  • To provide an environment for innovation to take shape.
  • To develop innovative products
  • To help innovators to realise the potential of their innovations.
  • To provide financial assistance in the form of grass root help for new innovations.
  • To provide legal advice and support to file innovations.
  • To promote academic freedom and safeguard in creation of intellectual property at the Institute.


  • Brain storm ideas for creating new innovative products
  • To develop the prototypes of the innovations shortlisted after discussion.
  • To test out the prototype and re-design based on the outcomes of experimentation.
  • To produce in small scale the innovative product and share it in the local market to see its performance and finally
  • To submit it to the centres of innovation and entrepreneurship and the university-industry interface for further process.
  • To encourage students learn the process of innovation and innovative design.
  • Facilitate, encourage, promote and safeguard scientific investigation and research and the freedom of the scholars involved in R&D.
  • To safeguard the interest of creator of intellectual property and provide fair distribution of returns accruing from the commercialisation of IPR.
  • To help in introducing prudent IP management practices within the University to promote an IPR culture
  • Make the creator of IPR aware of the applicable laws and rules for ensuring their compliance.

Entrepreneurship Policy

The central university of Himachal Pradesh with its glorious past and is well known for its mission and commitment to contribute in various contemporary endeavors of research in science and technology. The students, researchers and faculty members at central university of Himachal Pradesh are always dedicated to knowledge generation in several areas of cutting edge science and technology and dissemination. However, most of the outcomes of R&D activities end in research applications and do not get translated into IPR and commercial products benefiting the society in general. Amongst many factors, absence of a clear-cut university policy in this area is also a contributing factor.

To provide motivation and opportunity in commercializing new and futuristic technologies and facilitate the entrepreneurial practice. Central university of Himachal Pradesh encourages the interested faculty members to open companies, be on the board of such companies in the capacity of a vice-chancellor, Chairman or any such role. It is expected that the faculty members entering under this system will make all efforts to balance their academic responsibilities while assuming the above role.

Expertise with Central University of Himachal Pradesh

  • Plastic Waste to Fuel: Plastic Waste can be selectively convert into specific boiling range of fuel like Petrol, Diesel or LPG by Indian Patent Process no Novel Product Selective Degradation Reactor, IPR/FA/10007, by Dr D Pant.
  • Solution Phase Recycling Technique for Plastic : A process for production of Anti Fungal Solution from CD waste. It is a solution phase recycling technique Indian Patent Number #127/DEL/2011 Date 19-01-2011 by Dr D Pant. Solution Used for this purpose can synthesized by Indian Patent No #T.I(01)/TIFA/2012 by Dr D. Pant entitled Column Reactor for the Synthesis of Cyclic Carbonate of Polyols via Carbamide Process.
  • Column Reactor: This reactor can also applied for the green chemical recycling of various plastic to valuable products and further it is also applicable for the synthesis of green solvents by Carbamide Process.
  • Solid Waste Management: For the management of waste glass or alike solid waste an activation technique was proposed : Activation of inorganic oxide containing waste like Glass Powder, fly ash and Spent Zeolites by Using Fluoride Reagent and its Recovery Process by IP 2911/DEL/2012; D Pant

Activities Conducted

Activity 1:

Advisory meeting of Institute Innovation Council (IIC)-CUHP on 14 th February 2022. The following members were present in the meeting.

  • Captain Arvind Kumar
  • Sh. Hemjit Singh
  • Sh. Abhishek Kumar Singh
Activity 2:

Organization of HACKATHON 2022, on 29 & 30 January 2022.

Activity 3:

Promotion of student towards participation in SMART INDIA HACKTHON 2022 (SIH2022) which was held in NIT Silchar (ASSAM) on 25 & 26 August 2022.

Student participated in the event are from the Department of computer sciences (MCA third year). The name of participated students were TARUN CHARMA, ANUJ GUPTA, DIKSHA CHOUDHARY, RANJANA KUMARI, ANKUSH SHANDIL. These students were awarded with SILVER MEDALS, TROPHIES and CERTIFICATES.

Activity 4:

Intellectual property awareness program for researchers was held on 16 June 2022 in central University of Himachal Pradesh.