Incubation Centre

Udbhav Kendra: Incubation Center of CUHP

Prof. O. S. K. S. Sastri

Udbhav Kendra: Incubation Center, CUHP

The eco-system for encouraging innovations and inspiring prototype development that could be incubated to create successful startups has been created over a period of time in a systematic fashion in our university.

The following centres/councils have been setup and operationalised with specific goals to acheive the desired outcomes from research and teaching:

Step 1: To inspire innovation in research and teaching, the university has set up with clear objectives:

Institution Innovation Council(IIC)

  • Identify local problems in the society
  • Build team of experts from various disciplines to explore solution space for identified problems
  • Setup teams for multi-pronged approach to solve the problem
  • Come up with an innovation that addresses the issue

University Industry Interface(UIC)

  • Interact with experts from industry
  • Identify mutual areas of interest to work towards betterment of products and services
  • Create vocational courses to be designed, developed, accredited and implemented towards acheiving NEP-2020 goals
  • Execute research projects collectively by utilising the expertise from both the parties

Open Educational Resorces(OER)

  • Create educational content consisting of teaching, learning and research materials in any medium, digital or otherwise, that lie in the public domain
  • Released under an open license that permits no-cost access, use, adaptation
  • Redistribution by others with no or limited restrictions.

Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCs) cells

  • Create courses using four quadrant approach as per standards mandated by UGC guidelines
  • Mange courses from in-house servers
  • Deploy courses on Swayam platform to encourage both facuty and students to enhance their capabilities for creation and transfer of knowledge.

Step 2: To encourage enterpreneurial mindset and capablities, the university has set up with clear objectives:

Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation:

  • How to come up with an idea for an enterprise by researching the market needs and finding innovative solutions
  • How to setup once own enterprise: legal and administrative process, tie-ups with various vendors who will supply the raw material and other products, approaching various financiers, building the team with clear assignment of roles.
  • How to develop expertise for running the enterprise:
    • (a) Management skills : HR, Leadership, Bussiness organisation
    • (b) Marketting skills : Supply chain, digital domain expertise, advertising
    • (c) Accounting and finance skills : product pricing, investment, insurance.

University Patent Cell

  • Create appropriate content for their ideas and innovations to be ready for patenting
  • Apply for national and international patents through proper procedure
  • Follow through with the process to ensure successful patents for the stakeholders

Deen Dayal Upadyay Kendra:

  • To provide knowledge and skills relating to a profession so that they are work ready.
  • To integrate NSQF with the undergraduation in order to enhance employability of the graduates by meeting industry requirements.

Udhbav Kendra: Incubation Centre

  • To promote new technology/innovation based startups.
  • To enhance domain knowledge/skills to develop innovative products /services
  • To build a vibrant startup ecosystem, by establishing a network between academia, financial institutions, industries, and other institutes.

Empowered Committee (EC) of Udbhav Kendra, CUHP

S.No. Nomenclature Name of the Person Status
1. Executive Head of the EMPANELLED INCUBATOR Prof. O.S.K.S. Sastri
Director, Udbhav Kendra
Ex - Officio Chairperson
2. One representative of the Government of HP's promoter agency, in present case representative of Directorate of industries Deepika Rana Member
3. One representative of the industry/ industry association Mr. Sunil Kumar Rajak
Founder CEO, DoMyRepair startup
4. One representative of the financial institutions Manager, SBI Member
5. One representative from the academic community of the host institutions Prof. A. K. Mahajan Member
6. One R&D expert Prof. Deepak Pant Member
7. Empanelled Incubator Manager Dr. Sarvesh Kumar Member- secretary



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