Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


We envision the School of Physical & Material Sciences to be a place of opportunities. Scientists, Researchers and Physicists across the globe find it a place to perform and intend to visit with the ambition to work and contribute. The school shall offer each individual a space to grow, excel and then impart his/her knowledge to the society at large and scientific community and students in particular. We envisage culminating high standards to education, intellectual discourse and professional excellence in tandem with ethical values leading to well being of the society. It is desired that both education as well as research work excel in tandem. Innovative approaches to impart education are adopted and practiced.


  • To train and nurture skilled education and research professionals in Physical, Chemical and allied sciences.
  • To generate manpower for ongoing research and development programs to accomplish immediate requirements of the country in selected areas.
  • TThrough multidisciplinary education and training, nurture students to be passionate learners, independent thinkers and thoughtful leaders in ever changing scenarios.
  • To encourage interaction and collaboration among all bodies, institutions and councils interested in achieving advancement, dissemination and application of knowledge of Physics.
  • To prepare and sustain education and research conducive atmosphere with a motive to attract quality community at the institute.


  • To initiate research activities in the realm of expertise available with the university.
  • To enter into collaborative research programs at individual as well as institutional levels.
  • To start other Departments and centres proposed in the School.
  • To promote inter-departmental courses and research activities.
  • To offer new courses to address contemporary needs.
  • To enhance knowledge base through rationale approach that is naturally gained by science graduates.
  • To adopt novel evaluation mechanism to ascertain understanding of concepts involved in science teaching by students, examine and to upgrade.
  • To ensure growth of overall personality of students.
  • As public scholars, introduced Community Connect Projects, the Indian Knowledge system, in the curriculum and regular public outreach program, which provides the students opportunities for civic engagement around problems, like awareness of scientific temperament, saving of energy, and the environment.